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Spellbound - Samantha Combs Logan is a typical teenage boy, with a seemingly typical teenage crush on Serena, the beautiful new girl in school. Fortunately for Logan, Serena reciprocates his feelings, and the two move quickly - VERY quickly - towards a sweet romance. Logan learns that Serena is a "twitch" - a young witch just coming into her powers. She's protected by a powerful coven who assist in training to develop her talents. These talents will be tested very soon, as a dark force of warlocks and demons is headed to town, intent on destruction and mayhem. The ensuing battle is dramatic and excitingly depicted.

The author, Samantha Combs, keeps some tricks up her sleeve, as it seems that nearly everyone in town possesses some genuinely surprising secrets.

"Spellbound" is a YA paranormal romance, skewing much closer to the "young," rather than "adult" end of YA. As I fall well into the adult end of the spectrum, this novel had a much younger bent than I typically read. Nevertheless, the story was engaging and well-written, and I'm a fan of the paranormal genre in general, but older readers may want to consider that this book is definitely geared towards a younger audience. Parents should note that "Spellbound" is perfectly appropriate for younger teens.

The author provided me with a free copy of this novel with a request for an honest review.