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The Huntress

The Huntress - Dorothy McFalls Vega is a bounty hunter, working for her uncle's bail bondsman company. She's known as a woman who always gets her man, and she takes her job VERY seriously. Her younger sister, Fiona, is itching to get into the family business, and Vega is trying to discourage her in order to keep her safe. She's got a "friend with benefits" in her life - Butch, a fellow bounty hunter. Butch is uncomplicated, and Vega feels content with this level of relationship.

Vega is assigned the job of capturing Grayson Walker, a rich, handsome businessman who is suspected of murder and considered very dangerous. Vega hunts him down, and there's an immediate strong attraction between the two, but Grayson makes it clear that he won't be easy to capture. He insists he's innocent, and he points to a larger conspiracy with unknown perpetrators. Even if Vega believes him, her job is only to bring him in. Alas, Grayson escapes.

Vega continues to hunt Grayson, competing with Butch for the capture. She has also started to question whether her "benefits" arrangement is truly enough, as Grayson has stoked in her a desire for more.

The author has stocked the book with a cast of well-written characters, from Vega's worried mother (understandable since she's got two daughters risking their lives every day) to the strung-out addict who supplies Vega with information. The pace is strong throughout, with excitement, danger, and twists to hold the reader's interest. The author injects the story with some unexpected humor; I laughed when it was revealed Vega was a former beauty queen (Miss Motor City). Not something she really wants advertised, as it doesn't exactly coincide with her current badass image. And when Vega finally catches up with Grayson, she gets him handcuffed and things get very, very hot.