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WhiteSpace: Episode 1

WhiteSpace: Episode 1 -  David  W. Wright, Sean Platt The book description for episode 1 tells of "an evil dynasty and dark conspiracy." By the end of the first episode, we have just started to see hints of the conspiracy. It ends with a major cliffhanger, and as soon as I finish writing this review, I will be reading episode 2.

For the same reasons as other reviewers explained, I was underwhelmed during the opening of the book. The book was written in a rather juvenile "teen speak" - both the dialogue and non-dialogue parts. In fact, it seemed more juvenile than the teens themselves. I didn't know if I'd be able to get through a whole book written in this fashion, so I was very relieved when the focus moved to older characters, and the writing "grew up", too.

The focus of the episode is on the aftermath of a school shooting that results in multiple deaths. The perpetrator is not an expected bullied or angsty teen, and this adds to the mystery of the shooter's motives.

The authors write from the perspectives of numerous affected people, including family members of both the shooter and the victims. A vague, ominous warning is delivered, and there is a scene with a baby monitor that gave me major creeps.

I hope the following episodes live up to the suspense and mystery crafted in the opening. I will soon find out. On to episode 2!