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They Come When You're Alone (The Diary)

They Come When You're Alone (The Diary) - Vicky Crew Fuller The description of this short story, as well as the opening few pages, brought to mind the wonderful film, Melancholia. In the film, a young woman battles depression and has visions of impending disaster. And yet, no one takes her seriously, and she questions her own sanity.

In this story, we are inside the mind of Vicky, as we read her diary. She desperately seeks help (from a psychiatrist, a spiritual healer, even a psychic hotline) for her depression and her haunting nightmares. Most of all, as Vicky writes, "I just want somebody to care about me."

As the story progresses, we are unsure whether Vicky is crazy or if there is truth to her visions. The conclusion brings clarity and the hope that Vicky will find some peace.