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Another Little Piece

Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn This review and others are posted at Inspiring Insomnia.

I knew I wanted to read Another Little Piece as soon as I saw this blood-spattered cover. The story certainly lived up to the cover, as it has gore and violence that surpasses what one may expect to see in YA. Interestingly, Another Little Piece contains a plot line similar to two other books I’ve read this year – that of a girl who vanishes and returns home with a mysterious long-term memory loss. (If you’re interested, those books are Pretty Girl-13 and Stung.)
There were parts that were confusing and that required a second reading. I think a bit of confusion is unavoidable, however, due to the nature of the story. It would be too easy to spoil this book, so I’ll just note the “fractured memories” mentioned in the synopsis as the source for the confusion.

The relationship between Annaliese and her parents felt so real and believable, especially considering the extraordinary nature of their predicament. How should a parent behave when their daughter suddenly reappears with no memories of her past? They treat her like a fragile doll, and Annaliese begins to care for these strangers, despite her occasional efforts to keep her distance. The scene where Annaliese’s mother declares her love and devotion to her daughter is so lovely.

Logan, the object of Annaliese’s long-standing obsession, doesn’t fare very well. He is little more than an oaf, and while I think we were supposed to be feel some sympathy for him at various points, I could not muster any. An incredibly (and intentionally) awkward and cringe-worthy sex scene that kicks off the story left me pitying Annaliese, but some readers may feel the urge to smack some sense into her instead. It was risky to introduce a main character in this way, as poor sexual choices don’t typically serve as an introduction to the YA audience. I think the purpose of this scene might have been to illustrate the terrible end of the bargain that Annaliese struck.

The villain was the weakest part of the story for me. He was too one-dimensional and weirdly dramatic and flamboyant, and he never instilled any fear in me as result.

The content of Another Little Piece will likely cause some debate as to whether it’s appropriate for younger readers. Yes, it’s gruesome, but I never thought it was overwhelming (although I have a very high tolerance for this stuff). The psychological terror, however, was every bit as powerful.

Note – I received an ARC from the publisher with a request for an honest review.