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Inhuman - Kat Falls This review and others are posted at Inspiring Insomnia.

This is my third round of "Fun With Limericks," a (hopefully) fun way of dealing with books I didn't finish, or I finished, but for whatever reason, I felt I could not write a proper review.

Today, I bring you a limerick for Inhuman by Kat Falls. I actually did finish this book, even though the experience was quite unpleasant. It was easy to forget that this is a novel with a post-apocalyptic setting, because the protagonist seemed less concerned with survival than she was with looking pretty for the two meatheads who kept fighting for her attention. They were like animals fighting for the right to breed with the pack female, and there was nothing appealing about any of it.

There's dialogue like the following. (Note that dialogue is from an uncorrected proof and may change at final publication.):

"You know I'm not really in love with you, right?"
"Of course," I said quickly.
"Good. 'Cause I'm not."
"I know."
"Glad we got that straight."

The post-apocalyptic setting, populated by zombie-ish, mutated humans, was silly, not scary, and the unappealing main characters made this book painful to read.

And now, the limerick:

I wonder how my hair looks today
What else should concern me when the world's gone astray?
Mutant zombies want to kill
But I would rather have the thrill
Of two douchebags in a love triangle that's all a cliche