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Prodigy: A Legend Novel

Prodigy - Marie Lu Review posted at: Read, Rinse, Repeat

I loved Legend, and I desperately wanted Prodigy to live up to the standard set by its predecessor. I'm happy to say that Marie Lu succeeded wonderfully. When Prodigy opens, June and Day have fled the Republic, and they head to Las Vegas to join the Patriot rebellion. Sibling love continues to play a big role as June continues to mourn her brother's death, and Day is desperate to find his brother, Eden.

I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic and dystopia novels, and because this series contains both elements, it was like a jackpot for me. I loved the revelation of the condition of the country as seen through Day's eyes, and Day's amazement that the Republic is perhaps not as powerful as it portrays itself.

You will never know what's coming with Marie Lu. There's no trickery. She provides the clues, and either I'm clueless, or she's just that good. For obvious reasons, I choose to believe the latter. There were numerous times I was genuinely shocked, including a secret involving June's brother, Metias and a couple of major late-inning twists that I never saw coming.

The only thing I didn't love was Tess. She was such a great character in Legend, but here, she comes off like a whiny, angsty brat. Blame it on hormones, I suppose. Hopefully she'll get over it soon.


The final action sequence is incredible; it was like Top Gun on steroids. It was so easy to picture this as a film. (Please, movie gods, let it happen!) Day gives a rousing speech at the end that gave me major chills. And his final scene with June...arrrgh, Marie, don't make us wait too long for book number three!