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Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James As much as our heroine, Ana, professes to be totally blase about Christian's billions, let's be honest...if a man made $50k/year and behaved like Christian does, the world would think he's a d-bag. Dude is rude to everyone he encounters, sulks and pouts like a baby, he's emotionally abusive, and he's incredibly insecure. Yet, we are to believe that EVERY woman he encounters blushes and simpers and stammers and flutters her eyelashes in his presence. I would love to sit down with E L James and ask her if she's punking us. Is this really her vision of the ideal man? I'm afraid I know the answer.

A couple of the sex scenes are titillating, and they are probably the only reason to consider purchasing this book. It's not really my sort of thing, but I suppose that's why I have a certain level of interest in reading about it. Be forewarned, though: they get repetitive and boring VERY quickly, and I think most people will end up skimming over the sex scenes by the middle part of the book.

On a side note, the most shocking part of this trilogy's success is that the movie rights just sold for $4 million. I will be very interested to see how these books could be turned into a successful movie franchise. I don't envy the screenwriter who, no doubt, will need to rewrite every word of awful, cringe-worthy dialogue.

Laters, baby.