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Legend - Marie Lu Yeah, it's a cliche, but I started reading Legend this morning, and I couldn't put it down. This book is a great example of dystopian YA done very well. With two smart, resourceful, and tough main characters, a dystopian world that's frightening but not too far-fetched, and heavy doses of action and tension, Legend thrills on every page.

June and Day are two fifteen year-olds, living in the same geographical area, but worlds apart on society's spectrum. June is privileged, a prodigy, and an elite member of the Republic's military force. Day (aka Daniel) is an outlaw, a lone rebel against the Republic's oppression. The two cross paths when June is tasked with investigating a crime, allegedly committed by Day, that hits very close to home.

The book switches viewpoints between June and Day, and we are privy to the clever minds of these two young people as they gradually gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. June is initially an unquestioningly loyal member of the Republic. Her encounters with Day, a supposedly ruthless criminal, force her to question her beliefs. Day, meanwhile, faces incredible tragedies and has very few people whom he can trust. He wants to believe June is one of those people, but he has learned from a young age to be wary of the Republic's elite.

My only quibble - the identity of one of the villains was very obvious to me from the beginning. I'm no genius, so why couldn't June, with her 1500 Trial score, figure it out immediately, too? That aside, I can't wait for the release of Prodigy next week.