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The Iron Daughter (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa "We see you, Meghan Chase. You will not escape."

In The Iron Daughter, the second book of the Iron Fey series, the half-human/half-faery Meghan Chase returns to Winter Court with Ash. A major betrayal, a stolen scepter, and a series of misunderstandings leads to a declaration of war between the Winter and Summer Courts.

For me, some of the magic from The Iron King has worn off. Meghan's boomeranging emotions and inability to think rationally when it comes to Ash is beginning to grow tiresome. He loves her, he loves her not. Every time Ash denies his feelings for Meghan, something that occurs with irritating frequency in this book, we readers know he doesn't mean it. So why doesn't Meghan? She falls to pieces one moment and is in near ecstasy the next.

But there is plenty to like in The Iron Daughter. Meghan's stalwart allies - Puck, Grimalkin, and Ironhorse - remain by her side. A new character, Leanansidhe, a total diva and more than a little dangerous, breathes some fresh air into the story. And Julie Kagawa's ability to paint a beautiful, mystical world is still firmly in place. I'm not giving up on this series. The ending gives me hope that my problems with this book will not be an issue with the next one, and we're left with a juicy cliffhanger that I want to see play out.