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Return to You (A Laurel Heights Novel)

Return to You (A Laurel Heights Novel) - Kate Perry Return to You is the story of Olivia, a young woman still battling her feelings for Michael, her first love, more than a decade after he broke up with her. Olivia now owns a lingerie shop in her hometown, and Michael is a film director, employed by Olivia's estranged father, a successful producer. They reconnect when Olivia's father decides to film a movie in her town.

There is a lot to like in Return to You. I enjoyed Olivia's relationships with her girlfriends and her spunky grandma. And Michael is a sexy romantic lead. Speaking of which, the author has a way with sex scenes...very hot!

But there were some things that bothered me. There was so much meddling by the characters in their friends'/family members' lives! I think everyone but Michael was guilty to some extent. It ranges from relatively minor (lots of attempts by various characters to intercede in others' romantic affairs) to downright creepy (Olivia's estranged father hires a private investigator whom he mistakenly believes to be dating his daughter to investigate his private assistant. He is well aware his assistant has done nothing wrong, and he has no problems violating her privacy; he merely wants the PI to be preoccupied by this wild goose chase so that he can try to push Olivia and Michael together.)

Olivia has a hostility towards Michael that does not seem warranted by a broken teenage relationship, softened by the passage of more than ten years. At times, she seems very childish, and her bitterness is not attractive. She warms to him eventually, of course, but it was a bit difficult to remain sympathetic towards her. Fortunately, we do know she has a kind heart, because we see how she treats her friends and grandmother.

It is well-written, but I don't really care for bratty female leads. I think readers who are not bothered by Olivia's behavior will enjoy this story.