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The Book of Rules: The Right Way to Do Everything

The Book of Rules: The Right Way to Do Everything - Joshua Belter This tongue-in-cheek etiquette guide started off strong with a section on driving manners, but it became weighed down with too much filler. It's written in a legalese style which imbues the book with much of its humor. It provides advice for a mixture of everday occurences, some of it genuinely helpful (tips for remembering names), along with a lot of silly triviality (authorized use of wind chimes.)

As the book progressed, the author seemed to have to work harder for fresh ideas, and the humor quotient diminished. For instance, who gets to keep the cereal box prize? Answer: Cereal must be poured with no regard to the location in the box of the prize; in other words, he who pours it, keeps it.

The book is well-organized, and it's certainly thorough with its tips for many different scenarios, but I think most readers would enjoy a less lengthy book. Cut some fluff, keep the genuinely funny and/or insightful sections, and I think the book would be much more enjoyable.