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The Forgotten

The Forgotten - David Baldacci Army special agent and all-around tough guy, John Puller, has a well-earned reputation as one of the military's best agents. In "The Forgotten," he puts his skills to the test in a more personal matter: investigating the death of his elderly aunt who was found drowned. Police in Paradise, Florida believe the death was an accident. Puller is not convinced, however, not least because shortly before her death, his aunt sent a cryptic letter to Puller's father, hinting at mysterious and possibly sinister events occurring in Paradise.

As Puller investigates, he bumps heads with the small police force, some of whom do not appreciate his efforts. As more bodies turn up in Paradise, the police are slightly more accommodating. As Puller begins to put the pieces together, he is assisted by unexpected allies and targeted by enemies who are more than willing to kill to protect the secrets in Paradise.

This is standard Baldacci, with lots of excitement and danger, and a slowly unraveling mystery. There are some surprises, but the intended "big one" is actually the least surprising, particularly to anyone who is familiar with this genre. Puller makes a great action hero. I have not yet read Zero Day, but I will soon.