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Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1 - David  W. Wright, Sean Platt I picked up Yesterday's Gone after reading and enjoying the authors' WhiteSpace: Episode 1. I was surprised that I didn't like this better, because I typically love the apocalypse genre. The book focuses on a handful of characters, with the points of view switching among them with each chapter. They've awakened to a new world, with nearly all of its inhabitants suddenly vanished. Was it an alien attack? The Rapture? (Probably not the Rapture since at least one of the characters seems less than worthy of that honor.) We don't get the answers in this episode, of course, but we do get the survivors beginning to find one another, some of whom already seem to have at least a few answers.

I thought the suspense began to diminish about 3/4 of the way through - right about the time it should have been building to a big cliffhanger. With a fairly large cast of characters in a short book, we can't feel connected to them all, but none of them were drawn with enough depth for me to really care for them. This was not the case for Whitespace, which introduced and developed a similar amount of main characters. The purpose of publishing a book in this episodic form should be to hook readers at the end. While I didn't feel that with this book, I am still going to give episode 2 a chance.