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The Walking Dead, Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars

The Walking Dead, Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars - Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman I hesitated to read Volume 3. I had never even picked up a graphic novel until Volumes 1 and 2, following the completion of season 2 of The Walking Dead. When I found that Volume 2 tracked with the ending of Season 2, when Grimes & Co. discovered the prison, I wasn't sure if I wanted to spoil the upcoming season of the show. Since through the first two volumes, there have been many differences, both major and minor, between the books and the show, I decided to read, figuring that the show writers would continue to change things up.

Vol. 3 opens with the characters making themselves at home in the prison, clearing out zombies, and meeting some human inhabitants. Unfortunately, the living are prisoners, not guards. They are unarmed, and don't seem to be threatening anyone at the moment, so Grimes & Co have the upper hand for now.

In this world, our characters don't always make the best decisions, and we get a couple of senseless deaths, a couple of tragic deaths, and a desire for vengeance. The survivors learn a game-changing fact about the zombies, which I won't spoil for readers who have not seen the show. (Show viewers already know.)

**** Slight spoiler alert ****

An almost make-out between Lori ad Carol??? My least favorite characters need to be working on dying, not kissing. And this, while I'm still trying to adjust to Andrea and Dale. At least the show spared us that!

**** End Spoiler ****

It ends with a great cliffhanger, but fortunately, I've got Vol. 4 sitting beside me.