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The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer

The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer - Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman he previous volume in The Walking Dead series, The Walking Dead, Vol. 7: The Calm Before, promised us a coming storm, and "Made to Suffer" certainly delivered. But instead of a storm, we got a tsunami. The story opens with a flashback in Woodbury, with the Governor still alive and intent on revenge after his extreme torture at the hands of Michonne. He gets his revenge...in a worse way than I could have imagined. With each scene, I was thinking, "Did THAT really just happen???" Kirkman tore apart the relative peace the survivors had been experiencing and scattered it to the winds. With the physical and emotional decimation of the group, the next volume promises to be a reboot of sorts.

A few reviews objected to the deaths in this book, but I thought it was powerful and heart-wrenching, as well as a bravely effective choice by Kirkman to shake things up and keep the characters (and readers) on their and our toes. I can't wait to see what Volume 9 has in store.