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The Walking Dead, Vol. 10: What We Become

The Walking Dead Vol. 10: What We Become - Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman Our survivors decided in Volume 9 to link up with Abraham's group. The two groups are still learning to trust one another, and there's a seemingly inevitable clash between Rick and Abraham as they both assert their alpha male status.

Rick and Abraham later have a heart-to-heart in which they share the circumstances of their families' deaths, and they confess to killings they have each committed. Each man feels guilt over his actions, and they question whether all of the killings have been justified. This seems like a no-brainer to me, but these men are clearly struggling with the "whatever it takes" attitude. Rick is further distressed when Carl confesses to these same thoughts.

In an earlier volume, we saw Rick doubting (perhaps rightfully) his ability to ability to be an effective leader. At the end of "What We Become," a key character angrily expresses those same doubts about Rick. A clash between the two can't be too far off.

While not as action-packed as other volumes, "What We Become" effectively forces the survivors to confront some uncomfortable truths.

Final note: thanks to Kirmkman for sparing us when a scene looked to be getting just a bit too close to the film, Deliverance.