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Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles, Book 1)

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole I have read all of Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series, and I've read two of her historical romances. She is one of my favorite authors, and when I heard she was coming out with a YA series, I fully believed she could write a book that would appeal to older readers like me. I'm happy to say that she succeeded wonderfully.

Those familiar with the IAD series are used to Kresley's superb writings of the supernatural world. Poison Princess contains those aspects but in a post-apocalyptic setting, which is new territory for Cole. The other big difference is that Kresley's usual heat is dialed way back, as was required for a YA book. But trust me, it's not lacking in heat. The character of Jack bears a strong resemblance to many of Kresley's adult heroes. He's brooding, powerful, and passionate. At times, he seems borderline obsessed with Evie, and I do have a problem with that being marketed to a teen girl audience as a desirable trait.

The heroine, Evie, is 15 years old; a pretty, popular, sweet cheerleader. What her friends don't know is that she's tormented by bizarre visions, and she questions her own sanity. After the Flash, which brings Earth into an apocalypse, Evie begins to see some of her visions come true, and she sets off on a trek to locate her grandmother who had been institutionalized years before the Flash, and who predicted Evie's burgeoning supernatural powers. Along the way, Evie is joined by Jack, and she meets up with other teens who may or may not be her allies.

****Minor spoilers ****

Evie's transition from weak, frightened teen to supernatural, all-powerful heroine seemed extremely abrupt. It felt as though a chapter or two was left out. And the last couple of pages implied a strong Hunger Games tone for the coming sequel. As much as I loved The Hunger Games, I want Kresley to maintain her unique voice.

****End spoilers****

Kresley Cole has an incredible imagination and a very special way of depicting vivid imagery on the page, and the ending left me eager to read more. I highly recommend to "Poison Princess" to adult fans of Kresley Cole and new YA readers alike.